Arouconstroi, S.A. stands out increasingly as a reference company in the Portuguese market, in the application of geomembranes as a solution for sealing soils for environmental protection.

The experienced teams and the modern equipment howned, combined with the growing expecialization in the field of all tasks associated with the handling and application of screens HDPE techniques now allow the Arouconstroi, SA face any kind of work at very competitive conditions.
It was applied in the last year by Arouconstroi, SA approximately 200,000.00 m2 of HDPE Geomembrane in several works of which include:

– Repairing basin storm water treatment, the Via Infante de Sagres (Algarve);

– Improving the operation, management and efficiency of channel Montargil – Santa Justa;

– Landfill Santarém.

The Repairs on Water Treatment Basin on A22 – Via do Infante Sagres aimed waterproofing 3 basins for stormwater treatments, using 3000m2 geomembrane with 1.5 mm thickness, applied over a geotextile blanket, after the regularization of the basins. For creating a perfect waterproofing screen was made a 0.40×0.50m ditch around the perimeter of the basin. Along with the geomembrane application were executed some rectification works in the existing drainage systems.In the Canal of Montargil – Santa Justa work, where the main objective was to rehabilitation and upgrading of the canal in a total length of approximately 14km were used approximately 130,000.00 m2 of geomembraneHDPE with 1.5 mm thickness, applied over a drainage
blanket, after clearing and regularization of the channel. Along the channel several techniques were used according to the geometry of the channel, the various sections and the terrain characteristics in their side edges.

In the Landfill – Santarém, the target was the recovery and use of biogas for creating electric energy. The solution presented by Arouconstrói for waterproofing and avoiding the biogas escaping the landfill uses 30.000m2 geomembrane with 1.5mm thick and 7 meters wide, minimizing welding and optimizing execution time.

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