Given the current paradigm, rehabilitation has become a reality in all sectors of construction. This type of interventions requires high levels of skills on the part of companies operating in these areas, so companies from Farcimar group in recent years, have come to specialize and equipped themselves with solutions and resources that enable them to make interventions in various areas of construction, including the upgrading / rehabilitation of Road and Rails infrastructure in particular works of art and drainage systems.
In this area numerous works standout as some rehabilitation works executed for Brisa Ascendi, Estradas de Portugal and some companies with surgical interventions in several important communication channels spread all over the country (Portugal).

These interventions are inserted mostly in services such as pavements maintenance, drainage infrastructure repairs, rehabilitation and replacement of road structures and are at various levels of intervention as they can go from design and the manufacture / transport of different materials to the execution of the work.
As some of these works are in a conception/execution regime, the combined intervention ofthe various companies of the Farcimar Groupe becomes an advantage because it allows the presentation of the technical solution using the most indicated more and more competitive pre-fabricated concrete elements.
The works associated with the rehabilitation of infrastructure, road structures and existing drainage systems, were the ones in which the company Arouconstrói, SA specialized itself, since some of the ranges of products Farcimar, SA are directed to drainage in Urban Networks or road networks.

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