The companies of the Farcimar Group executed the Art Work included in the construction work of Paviazeméis, Lda. for the "Remodelling of the Barra Roundabout in Ilhavo"

For the construction of the Lower Passage, consisting of 2 spans, a solution was adopted for the main body consisting of a ribbed slab element composed of 26 precast "T" type beams, 1.00m high, complemented by compression plate concreting, resulting in a solution with a total height of 1.20m.

To support the deck, a solution of beam supports (with brow element), supported on stakes/pillar, was adopted in the load-bearing walls and in the central support, a beam constructed on pillar-walls, denominated the central beam, was used.

For the execution of the load-bearing walls and wing walls, "Smart Wall" reinforced earth walls were used.

Several companies of the Farcimar Group were involved in this construction work. The design studies and respective construction projects were carried out by FTS - Technical Solutions, Unip.LDA. in close collaboration with the Project and Innovation Department of Farcimar, S.A. and all the reinforced concrete construction and the assembly of the prefabricated elements were carried out by the Arouconstroi, S.A. team.

Farcimar S.A. has supplied all prefabricated concrete elements which constitute the work of art (support walls, deck beams and border beams), as well as the Ready Concrete applied to the elements constructed "in situ".

The inspection was the responsibility of Aveiplano-Arquitectura E Engenharia Lda.

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