Arouconstroi understands as “Environmental Responsibility” as the ability to predict, minimize, mitigate an compensate all and every environmental risks due or coming from the activity.

So assuming an environmental responsible attitude, Arouconstroi has adopted the sustained development principals and makes use of eco-efficiency as a reference to all is activities following the highest standards of environmental management.

Having in mind that the realization of any work/project has always environmental impact generated either by the resources used or by the residues made or even by the place were the work has to be done, the reduction to the minimum of these impacts is the goal of Arouconstroi.

Assuming the continuous improvement of his environmental policies, Arouconstroi sustains the commitment to use in a sustained way the natural resources, minimize the environmental impact of the executed activities, develop and implement eco-effective practices as to monitor the performance of these practices.

Only with the involvement of all of the collaborators is possible to maintain an efficient environmental policy, so Arouconstroi, provides formation sessions so that all of the collaborators are aware of the responsibility to the environment.

In this area, as in all the others, exists inside the organization the capability of adapting procedures and ways of doing to comply to eventual new environment rules demands from different clients e/or projects.

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