Arouconstroi – Engenharia e Construção, S.A. is a company, integrated in the Farcimar, SGPS group that was funded April 15 1996 and was initially known as Arouconstroi – Construções Américo Teixeira Irmão & Filhos, Lda, having it juridical form altered to an anonymous society in 2008, assuming the new designation at that date.

Arouconstroi was born with the primal objective of providing Farcimar’s clients with a partner to apply, at the work sites, many of the products that were produced and supplied by Farcimar.

This partnership allowed, besides the increase of the creation of new materials and the possibility of providing the client the assembly option, the specialization of Arouconstroi in areas as main drainage systems, precast elements assembly, Acoustic Barriers execution, etc

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